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Induction is the process of introducing and orienting a new recruit to an organisation. Staff induction activities are designed to provide new staff with information they need to get them up and started in the new organisation leading to quicker productivity.

Induction should be a key component of any organisation's management policies and procedures yet often it is not done properly, relying on new staff just to learn as they go. This approach to induction can prove frustrating and unproductive not only to new staff but to existing staff who "don't understand why the new person just doesn't get it!"

Induction should include a managed approach to the following generic topics:

  • Organisational goals and objectives - how does this position contribute to these goals?
  • Organisational profile - what is the history of the organisation? What sets it apart from other organisations? What is its brand?
  • Organisational structure - Who works here? What are the departments? How do they work together?
  • Organisational policies including OSH, EEO and other workplace policies including breaks, leave security, privacy etc


These topics should be introduced to the new recruit in the first two weeks of commencement. They can be delivered via:

  • A group setting, particularly if there is a large influx of new recruits.
  • An online presentation or by an informal chat with direct manager supported by reading material and online tools.

The organisational goals, objectives and structure is generally public information and shouldn't contain sensitive organisational details so consider allowing a new recruit access to a booklet or online tool explaining this information prior to commencement so that they have a firmer understanding of their new workplace.

Induction should also include the practical aspects of working in the environment such as:

  • How to use the phone including how to transfer calls, divert phone and the standard practice for taking messages.
  • Stationary protocol - process for ordering
  • How to use the fax, printer and photocopier
  • Codes for entry to building
  • Floor plan - where is toilet, lunchroom, fire escapes
  • Parking facilities, closest lunch bar etc
  • Orientation of computer system and how to seek help
  • Meet and greet and introduction to colleagues
  • Orientation to clients with formal intro if applicable
  • Use the Employee Induction checklist template to assist with new staff induction.

You should ensure new staff have access to relevant training to manage risk and ensure the safety of staff, clients and the organisation as per the organisation's policy. The WA HACC program does not stipulate any mandatory OSH training for HACC service providers. However, service providers need to consider their responsibilities under OSH legislation and the Community Care Common Standards.

There are other training courses that will be relevant to the new starter, so ensure a calendar of proposed training has been completed prior to their commencement. CommunityWest is able to provide support to service providers in meeting your staff's training needs.

New staff can buddy with an experienced colleague for the first couple of weeks so that they are familiar with the procedures etc. When choosing a buddy, ensure the person demonstrates sound work practices and behaviours that are encouraged in the community care workplace.

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