Grow more ‘Marketing Mindset Champions’

How will tomorrow's consumers know how to find you? Your effective marketing approach as a not-for-profit organisation is now key to your sustainability in this new consumer-driven era. Successful organisations have a ‘Marketing Mindset.'

For your stretched marketing staff, having other colleagues who understand the ‘what-when-why- how' of marketing stands to make your marketing approach more collaborative and effective. What's the key? 

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Step forward & shine in aged care - join a national project

Be a leader in consumer-focused aged care. Be part of the ‘Step Forward’ project. This new national program, funded by the Department of Social Services, aims to support organisations to use co-design methods to create better services.

CommunityWest in partnership with COTA Australia is supporting the aged care services sector to move beyond consulting with consumers to co-producing. 

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Keeping your staff safer in 2015

Don't be the next Worksafe statistic. CommunityWest's launched its new Manual Tasks course developed especially for community workers with all the ingredients to help staff assess risks and avoid injury, balanced with just the right amount of theory and practice.

This new course covers what you need to know about back safety, postures and preventing injury presented in an informative and interactive way. 

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Are you potentially missing out on community services sector news - news to make all the difference to your workplace? 

Whether it's reading about new trends, free offers, seeing what other organisations are up to, our new products or getting a heads-up on thought-provoking events - CommunityWest's monthly newsletter is a good chance to take a coffee-break and catch up on the news.

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Where do HACC customers log in now?

Welcome to our new website. Are you trying to work out where to 'LOG-IN' to book on a course like you used to? If you're a Home and Community Care (HACC) service provider look no further - in fact, just look up. 

The new log-in area can be found at the top right of our homepage in the green strip. Still can't find it? Read on...

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Challenging community care: reporting on wellness

How did the Wellness Philosophy become a vital part of the Home and Community Care (HACC) Program in WA? This report written by Hilary O'Connell chronicles the sector’s journey to implement, adopt and embrace the approach. Find out more and download this free publication. 

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