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Training and development targets employees at all levels of the organisation to acquire the practical skills and knowledge required to perform specific tasks relevant to their position. Effective training helps an organisation:

  • Provide quality service to HACC clients
  • Meet organisational goals and targets
  • Reduce turnover
  • Maintain a happy workforce
  • Maintain an effective succession plan

Training and development should be considered an investment in your agency.  A staff development program should be a component of the agency staff development policy. A quality staff development program should:

  • Provide a suite of internal and external training interventions to meet needs of individuals and  the organisation
  • Develop skills knowledge and attitude of staff to enable them to provide quality service and support to external and internal clients
  • Continue to improve individual performance and job satisfaction
  • Address and develop skills to adapt to technological changes and reforms in the workplace
  • Promote multiskilling, job rotations and job sharing which creates a more flexible and responsive workforce as well as job satisfaction
  • To support career development plans of staff


Effective training links organisational and individual needs.

Staff development and training is the responsibility of the organisation, team coordinator and individual

Refer to the example of a Staff Development Policy that you can adapt to suit your organisational requirements.

  • To provide and promote appropriate training and development opportunities for all staff.
  • To provide job rotation and multiskilling opportunities where possible
  • To implement effective induction program
  • To implement staff development policy
  • To ensure staff receive appropriate training to carry out tasks assigned to them
  • To identify and document staff development needs
  • Inform staff of relevant training opportunities
  • View staff development broadly to include ongoing coaching, feedback, listening and guidance
  • Identify own training and development needs
  • Discuss training and development needs with direct supervisor / manager
  • Apply for training opportunities
  • Be flexible in approach to addressing own training and development needs

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