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  • Once gaps and issues have been determined the next step is to develop and prioritise activities to reduce gaps between workforce supply and workforce demand.
  • From here you can develop documented action plans for these activities. Make use of the Workforce Plan Template. Complete this and then develop action plans around activities.
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Types of activities you may consider include:

  • Staff rotation
  • Succession planning - the process of identifying and preparing suitable employees for key positions through mentoring, training and developing.
  • Mentoring/ buddying
  • Upgrade of technology and associated training
  • Targeted approaches to recruitment
  • Partnering with Schools/TAFE’s/Universities
  • Explore and implement family friendly and flexible work practices
  • Reskilling
  • Leadership training

These activities are discussed in more detail in the Induction, Training and Development and the Retention, Motivation and support sections.

Here is a checklist developed by Jobwise, a government initiative which is a great tool to assist you with looking at workforce planning and analysing the specific roles within the service provider.


Further Analysis

What does the role really require?

What are the tasks?
Do the tasks have to be performed by the one person?

Does the work have to be done on a full time basis?

No. Part time or job share is adequate

Does the work need to be done 9 to 5 or on long shifts?

Can shifts be split?

Does the work need to be conducted on the service provider premises?

Can the work be undertaken at home?
If yes what resources are required?

What sort of person would suit this role?

Consider the personal attributes that may be desirable for someone to successfully perform this role.

Would a mature aged employee suit this type of work?

No – why?

What working options would retain a mature aged employee?

Flexible hours, recognition of experience, opportunity to mentor

Does the work have to be performed by someone from within the service provider?

Can it be performed by a contractor?

What skills must the recruit possess and what can be learned on the job?

What are the basic competencies required for the role?
Can training be provided in house, or will external training be required?

Do you have to recruit?

Is there someone within the service provider who can perform this role? If an existing employee is redeployed to perform in this role, how will their original role be managed (succession planning)
Can this role be absorbed into an existing role or is it a separate role?

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