How's your Marketing holding up?

How would you rate your organisation’s current marketing approach... high voltage or haphazard?

Learning from other NFPs who’ve started their organisation’s marketing transformation is usually a rarity. Justine Colyer, CEO of Rise Network, shares her organisation’s experience at our next Leading Edge Events breakfast on 22 April. What's on the agenda?

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Co-production - sharing insights

Home Care Today has shared some video's of Madeline Cooper-Ueki's visit and presentations on co-production from her recent visit to Australia (2014), which we're pleased to promote and share. 

Madeline visited WA as part of her Australian visit and lead a 'co-production' workshop for CommunityWest. See them here.

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Welcome to 2015 - not only for sheep

Happy New Year to all our colleagues, customers and partners! We look forward to meeting up with you in 2015.

If you observe the Chinese New Year (celebrated from February 19), this year according to the Chinese Zodiac Calendar, is yours to shine if you're a 'Sheep' (also known as 'Goat' or 'Ram'). Find out more ...

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Keeping your staff safer in 2015

Don't be the next Worksafe statistic. CommunityWest's launched its new Manual Tasks course developed especially for community workers with all the ingredients to help staff assess risks and avoid injury, balanced with just the right amount of theory and practice.

This new course covers what you need to know about back safety, postures and preventing injury presented in an informative and interactive way. 

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Help your 'Grapevine' grow

Marvin Gaye had the right idea about keeping track in his neighbourhood. So, how about in our community services sector? We'd like to help keep you in touch with sector friends and colleagues to make networking easier.

Be part of CommunityWest's new 'Grapevine' segment in our monthly Newsletter. 

Tell us about any major staff movements in your organisation by emailing formal staff news to ...

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