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Working with Aboriginal People

Session overview
This informative and practical course is intended to equip non-Aboriginal people working for HACC service providers with the knowledge and understanding required to deliver services which are more culturally sensitive to the needs of Aboriginal older people.

Target audience
This course is suitable for anyone working in HACC who may need to plan, coordinate or provide services to Aboriginal clients.
Course content
  • a brief overview of the historical events that continue to impact on Aboriginal people today
  • culture, values, kinship networks and responsibilities
  • communicating with Aboriginal clients
  • visiting the home of an Aboriginal client
  • practical activities on adapting referral, screening, assessment and service delivery processes to make them more culturally sensitive to Aboriginal people.

Learning outcomes
Participants will:

  • have an understanding of Aboriginal culture and values, including kinship networks and responsibilities 
  • be able to assess the cultural appropriateness of their service provider's current referral, screening, assessment and service delivery processes in the context of Aboriginal service users
  • be able to adjust current processes to make them more appropriate to the needs and culture of Aboriginal clients
  • be able to describe communication and behaviours that are appropriate and inappropriate when interacting with members of the Aboriginal community. 
Please note: This course is currently only available in the Metro, South West, Wheatbelt and Great Southern regions.

Comments from previous participants of this workshop
“One of the best workshops that I have attended, very relaxed warm and friendly”

“Learned some cultural ways (and some words) to make it easier to relate to aboriginal people”
“The trainers were awesome”
 “It answered many questions that I have often wondered about Aboriginal culture”

7 hours

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