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Australia, let's 'Act to Connect'

Invest in building a more connected community. Reduce people’s risk of social isolation and loneliness.

Talk to Susan Johnson about our tried and tested Act to Connect course series on (08) 9309 8180.


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On Friday 15 January, The West Australian newspaper included a liftout on Aged Care. CommunityWest took part talking about the WA HACC Program, the impact of an ageing population and how our team can assist providers in the aged care space to get a handle on the new competitive environment.

Take a look at this full 8-page feature in The West Australian to see how we can support your organisation in 2016. Phone: (08) 9309 8180.Shop front   200


Step Forward strides ahead

Catch up on the latest news from CommunityWest's Step Forward - Together (TM) project that's just been published in Aged & Community Services Australia's National Report, Issue 369.

Find out more about this innovative project that's supporting 10 aged care organisations around Australia to trial co-production principles with consumers. 

Read more: Step Forward strides ahead

What is 'Garrgatup'?

Garrgatup. Strengthening our understanding of Aboriginal culture, fostering collaboration between service providers, and supporting Aboriginal people to remain strong and connected to community.

Find out more about the Garrgatup Project and CommunityWest's involvement. View Barry McGuire's stunning original artwork created for the project.


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