Step Forward strides ahead

Catch up on the latest news from CommunityWest's Step Forward - Together (TM) project that's just been published in Aged & Community Services Australia's National Report, Issue 369.

Find out more about this innovative project that's supporting 10 aged care organisations around Australia to trial co-production principles with consumers. 

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What is 'Garrgatup'?

Garrgatup. Strengthening our understanding of Aboriginal culture, fostering collaboration between service providers, and supporting Aboriginal people to remain strong and connected to community.

Find out more about the Garrgatup Project and CommunityWest's involvement. View Barry McGuire's stunning original artwork created for the project.


The winds of change deliver our Annual Report

Take a look at what CommunityWest has been up to over the past 12 months.

Windmills, refrigerators, electricity, artificial limbs, organ transplants and dominoes… What all these inventions share in common is their creation by someone determined to make the best of a challenging situation. 

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New report released: The Future of Wellness

The future of the Wellness Philosophy in WA is under the spotlight as a result of a new report published by CommunityWest on behalf of the WA Home and Community Care (HACC) Program.

The report, Wellness: Now and for the Future is now available for free download from our website.

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New CEO for CommunityWest

The Board of CommunityWest is delighted to announce the appointment of Michelle Jenkins as our new CEO.

Michelle arrives at CommunityWest with vast executive experience in the Aged Care industry and Financial Services. She also has a Master's Degree in Business Leadership, is a qualified Financial Planner in Australia and the United Kingdom. 

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New changes to WAAFI - latest communique

Two new enhancements have recently been made to the WAAFI, the online platform linked with the WA Assessment Framework. Catch up on the latest changes to this system designed to improve the client's assessment journey for home and community care services.

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